Drupal 7 Facebook Comments

Drupal 7 Facebook Comments Module

This is a quick and very lightweight Drupal module to replace Drupal's default comments for Facebook comments.

Big thanks to Catch The Fire who sponsored the development of this. 

WARNING: There is little/no views support. The only comment information available to views is comment count. 

Using the Module

  • Install the Facebook Comments module from module list.
  • Choose which content types to enable Facebook comments for at admin/config/services/facebook-comments

UPDATE: Version 1.1 includes some more configuration options and fixes a bug where comments were displayed on node teasers.

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John Bacon's picture
posted by John Bacon on Nov 16 2011

I have Facebook integrated pretty well into my website, I downloaded your module because of the statement "The only comment information available to views is comment count." This excited me because the only thing I am missing is getting my "Facebook Comment Counts" from my article into my views / node teaser. I installed your module and enabled it and cant find how to get this to work. Please let me know what I am missing. Thank You

jack's picture
posted by jack on Nov 17 2011

Hi John, the Facebook comment count overrides the default Drupal comment count. You should be able to use the default drupal comments blocks or create a block in Views to show the comment count.

Giovanni's picture
posted by Giovanni on Nov 24 2011

The module works great, thank you! But how can i set it to display comment form only on full node view?

jack's picture
posted by jack on Nov 24 2011

Hey - I'm posting an update in the next day or so with an update! It will fix this bug.

jack's picture
posted by jack on Nov 26 2011

just uploaded a new version... let me know if this fixes it.

Giovanni's picture
posted by Giovanni on Nov 27 2011

Ok, now is perfect! Good idea to insert comments width in configuration!

jack's picture
posted by jack on Nov 27 2011

glad you like it :-)

dee's picture
posted by dee on Dec 01 2011

much appreciated.

skruf's picture
posted by skruf on Dec 13 2011

Hi, I've just enabled the module from the above link:


The comments block was not showing up. Having look at the code it looks like someone has to comment before the comment block will show up as it checks for $node->content['comments'] in the node_view hook.

jack's picture
posted by jack on Dec 14 2011

Actually, it's looking to see if comments are enabled for that node.

Edit the node and make sure comments are enabled.

Ance's picture
posted by Ance on Jan 31 2012

It is a simple but working module. I think that you should add translation setting on the settings site. I like this one!

jack's picture
posted by jack on Feb 04 2012

glad you like it... nice suggestion!

Jason's picture
posted by Jason on Mar 03 2012

How would I take it back pre-update to where the comment box will display on all pages of a particular type... not just the full node. I want it to also display on the teaser

Saleem's picture
posted by Saleem on Mar 29 2012

How do I get it on front page..???

Hidde's picture
posted by Hidde on May 31 2012

Is there a problem with using clean url's?
I'm getting an error : "Warning: http...com/node/6 is unreachable."
Or might there be a compatibility problem with 'facebook for drupal'?
Thank you for your time.

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