Drupal Mobile Redirect Module

Drupal Mobile Redirect Module - iphone, android mobile site

This module lets you set a destination to redirect all users viewing your Drupal site with a mobile device. It is similar to the Simple Mobile Redirect Module except it forwards to equivalent pages in the mobile site. e.g. if the user lands on yoursite.com/store it will redirect to /store on your mobile site. 

It's best to use this module in conjunction with a multi-site setup. You can then share all your pages from the main site but set a new theme and make any other changes you might need. A small amount of googling will provide you with the instructions on how to do this.

Using the Module

  • Setup your mobile site to share content & pages from your main site.
  • Upload & Install the module on your main site (not the mobile site) at /sites/all/modules
  • Configure the module at /admin/config/mobile/mobile-redirect to redirect to your mobile site.

As always, let me know how you get on and feel free to put in support or feature requests.

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Joshua B's picture
posted by Joshua B on Jun 17 2011

I get the following warning on the admin page and no options:
Warning: Parameter 1 to mobile_redirect_settings() expected to be a reference

jack's picture
posted by jack on Jun 24 2011

hi joshua - thanks for letting me know. what version of drupal are you using?

ndowns's picture
posted by ndowns on Mar 19 2012

Warning: Parameter 1 to mobile_redirect_settings() Im getting the same error messages as well

steve's picture
posted by steve on Aug 02 2011

it works I am sending people from .com to .mobi the problem now is the problem is blank is there a drupal page for mobile devices because my is blank

jack's picture
posted by jack on Aug 03 2011

you will need to create a mobile website for them to browse. the module just handles the re-direct.

Mikkel's picture
posted by Mikkel on Dec 22 2011

This seems like exactly the thing I'm looking for.
Just to make sure, I have the following questions.

I would like to be able to redirect all the pages (lets call it www.dentist.com) to www.m.dentist.com if some mobile user is visiting the site (is detection of mobile user included?).

Furthermore I would also like to be able to redirect a mobile user from www.dentist.com/jawpain to www.m.dentist.com/jawpain - is this also possible?

I really hope you will answer my question, since I find it really hard to find a module which is able to do this.

Thanks in advance!

Steve's picture
posted by Steve on Apr 29 2012

This shows a blank page - Drupal 7.12

"Configure the module at /admin/config/mobile/mobile-redirect to redirect to your mobile site."

Pity, really wanted to try this.

Jeff Shamley's picture
posted by Jeff Shamley on May 22 2012

I've tried this module but I'm using domains in a multisite setup, so all of my sites are going to 1 mobile site. Any idea how difficult it would be to add domain specific rules to this module? I'm going to open up the hood and see if I can figure it out. Thanks for sharing

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